Founder of Oh Damn Entertainment, Music Composer, Entertainer



Founder of Oh Damn Entertainment, Entrepreneur, Music Composer and Entertainer WholeBird was born Jeffrey Kojo Addo in Accra, Ghana on June 18th, 1990 to Prince and Felicia Addo. He was raised in the West African country for 12 years with mostly his mother while his father was living in the United States of America but would frequently visit. On November of 2002, WholeBird moved to live with his father in the States where he continued his education.

Music & Influence

As a kid WholeBird was inspired by his Uncle Samuel Ofosu and his Gospel band from church and so they were a great influence on him in having a passion for music. He was among several choir groups in the Church of Pentecost both in the United States and Ghana. Since the age 16 he has grown to pursue a greater passion for Gospel Rap and Hip-hop/R&B genre and working currently with his team to create a genre called Afro Trap. Among his other influences were Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, 50 cent and Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane actually had the greatest impact on WholeBird for him to choose the Trap style type of genre as he states because Gucci made it seem very easy and mostly used nursery rhymes.

As a freshman in High School WholeBird started composing music in his father’s house after he had left for work at night. At that time he treated his music and recordings as a hobby until he graduated from High School in 2008. After networking with his mates in Fitchburg State University he released his first mixtape on Datpiff called BirdFlu, mostly produced by his colleague Vjay and that was when he realized that his passion for music is more than just a hobby. He studied Computer Science/ Computer Information Systems while in college and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in 2014. After he graduated from college the job market was very tough for him to pursue a job in the Computer Industry so he focused on his music career with one of his producers Yung Sam with whom they produced his second mixtape Birdflu 2 which is also on Datpiff and for sale on ITunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and many other music distribution sites. In the spring of 2015 he released Oh Damn Time; his 3rd mixtape intended to promote him and his team with their upcoming label Oh Damn Ent which is currently available on Datpiff and Spinrilla and will soon be available on Spotify, ITunes and many more streaming sites. With the help of his team, WholeBird is highly anticipating to deliver nothing but classics for the year of 2016 and should expect many albums and mixtape from him and his team this year.

Personal Life

Currently WholeBird works as a Desktop Support Specialist at Compucom Systems and as well as working with his OhDamnEnt team in acquiring talents around the world while sharing their talents together to achieve a greater goal. His main goal with his music is to be able to inspire people into following and achieving their goals as well as being able to give back to his communities in Africa and the United States. His greatest motivator has been his 5 year old son Darius Addo.