Music Producer, Songwriter, Rapper

Background and Early Years

Rapper, songwriter and Producer Prince Hakeem was born Hakeem Adeyemi Badmus in Accra, Ghana, on March 3, 1990 to African parents. Before his first birthday, his family moved to Lagos, Nigeria where he attended Primary school. In 2002, He moved back to Ghana to live with three Uncles. An experience, which he described it as:  Ostrich Phenomenon

“It changed me as a person, I learnt a lot. It made me a better person morally but it also made me develop a fear of expressing who I really was because I hated Punishments…It was nerve wrecking especially when I didn’t know which of the uncles was going to do it. They all have different methods”

After two years of boarding School, he travelled to the United States to complete High School and attended College.

Music & Influences

An attentive listener (when he wants to) and a culturally sensitive speaker. Hakeem grew up listening to Juju music. Both of his parents were big fans of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey’s music.

Some people in Africa wake up to the crow of a rooster, not me bro. My mom was already jamming her Obey playlist. I liked it as a kid but beingo older now, I even enjoy it more. His stories are full of wisdom and life lessons.

“I remember waking up one day and the first thing I heard was Ebenezer Obey singing Ko si ogbon ti o le da, Ko si iwa ti o le wu, Ko si ono ti o le gba, ti o le fi te aye lorun o. It simply means that there’s no amount of trickery, behavior, or path you can take to satisfy mankind. I always remember that line whenever I’m facing any obstacles.”

Among many of his other influences were: Jay Z, Lágbájá, 2 face, Aśa, A$AP Rocky, Tinny and Kanye West.

Like many rappers, Prince Hakeem started writing songs way back in High School but he was too shy to go public with it. He recorded his first song “ In my lost thoughts” on his laptop with a piece of  apple earphones. The song was originally called Donald trumpet due to the groovy trumpet playing over his nonchalant verses. It’s definitely one for an album but it doesn’t only stop at writing and rapping, Hakeem also produces vast majority of his own music. His beats are unique and groovy with a pint of percussion and African drums. It goes well with his sleek lyrics and vocals, the flow is just an icing on the cake.

Personal Life

He managed to stay faithful in a house full of prostitutes. Drug free in a trap house. He plays football with his head. Opponents pass the ball to him…simply out of respect. Soccer balls find him attractive. He is truly the most interesting footballer.